Active Mocker

Creates stub classes from any ActiveRecord model.

By using stubs in your tests you don’t need to load Rails or the database, sometimes resulting in a 10x speed improvement.

ActiveMocker analyzes the methods and database columns to generate a Ruby class file.

The stub file can be run standalone and comes included with many useful parts of ActiveRecord.

Stubbed out methods contain their original argument signatures or ActiveMocker friendly code can be brought over in its entirety.

Mocks are regenerated when the schema is modified so your mocks won’t go stale, preventing the case where your unit tests pass but production code fails.

Dissociated Introspection


Introspect methods, parameters, class macros, and constants without loading a parent class or any other dependencies.

Active Enumerable

ActiveRecord like query methods for Ruby enumerable collections.

Reverse Parameters

Dynamically recreate ruby method signatures.

Thread Inheritable Attributes

Passes thread variables to child-spawned threads.

Voice Chapters


Using the Mac system text-to-speech Voice Chapters will create an audio file with bookmarked chapters. It takes a regex capture group to define the chapter markers and the gem will create a m4a/acc file.

Credit Card Processor


Basic credit card processing cli application. Takes input from stdin or from file. Validates card numbers via Luhn. Designed at the core with immutable entities.

Scrabble in JavaScript


#Scrabble in Sinatra

Github - Demo

This is the initial proof of concept of an online Scrabble game. The backend code is written in Ruby and Sinatra for the web view. ..more

Critic Matcher

Github - Demo

Rate movies and find critics that agree with your taste. This project pulls in Critic data from Rotten Tomato’s API runs it through a ruby wrapper and into a Postgres DB. ..more

Todo List in Angularjs


App saves user name and can save and delete list items. The data is persisted on client browser, on refresh the data is still available.

Toggle Cells

Demo - Github

Geo-location search

Demo - Github

Provides a Google maps search of nearest FFL government data. ..more

Timer App

Github - Demo

The app is a one page app is use the best in place gem to edit the timer once its is created. To select the date and time I am using the jQuery UI Date & Time picker ui. ..more