This is the initial proof of concept of an online Scrabble game. The backend code is written in Ruby and Sinatra for the web view. The 7 letters are pulled out at random of a virtual bag of 100 tiles. You can drag the tiles in order to make a word then select them to the play the word. It will then be scored and listed below. The blank tile was a challenging bit, but I am very happy with the outcome. When a blank tile is clicked it activates some js that waits for a key press to tell the game what tile it is suppose to be. Otherwise the backend would have to guess what was meant by the blank tile and there may be more than one option. An edge case I ran into was on iOS where there is no input box the keyboard will not come up, so I made in input box that appeared off screen and focused it on click of the blank tile.

I am still working on making it a scrabble board where you can play the full game.

Github - Demo

Scrabble Site Image